About us


Formed in 1983, the Alkborough Choir still practises in Alkborough and has strong links to the village even though many members now come from Scunthorpe and surrounding villages. We are currently singing three part material (Soprano, Alto, Baritone) but would prefer to sing four parts if we had more tenors. We sing music in a variety of styles , ranging from traditional choral music to lighter popular music and gospel. The majority of our performances are acapella (unaccompanied) but we do sometimes combine with other choirs or local orchestras to perform larger works.


We meet at Alkborough Cricket Pavilion, at 19:30, most Fridays between September and May with a break over the summer months.

Fees are £30 a year which covers the cost of the rehearsal room and music.


The best times to join the choir are early September or January In September, after the summer break, the choir will start to rehearse Christmas music and in January it will be learning a varied programme of music for performances before the summer break. Most performances are in churches and chapels around North Lincolnshire. 


The choir does not audition new members, but potential members are invited to come for a few weeks to see if they like the set up, and to see if their voices fit in with the choir. There is no requirement for members to read music or demonstrate any particular standard, but we are looking for voices which will blend into the choir’s sound.


The rehearsals are good humoured and enjoyable. We welcome anyone aged over 18 years. People have joined the choir for a variety of reasons over the years and most people have stayed with us because they found us to be a welcoming group. Because of this we have a stable membership with many firm friendships between members. 


In summary, we are a group of friends who sing unaccompanied for our pleasure and the pleasure of our audiences.